Menswear Trends-

The Best Menswear Trends

The runways are where fashion trends incubate. But it’s the ones that filter through to the high street which really take flight. And, usually, that you can actually afford to buy into, too.

Here are the most dominant trends for this season of the designer boutiques and high-end department stores.

  • All-Black

Most Affordable Menswear Trends
Photo credit to: All Black Everything – Mens Street Style

Black-on-black is the new black. It doesn’t stop with hip-hop and streetwear either. Head-to-toe black can come over all rock star with a skinny jean and Chelsea boot in a Dior Homme homage. Or it can look minimal and modern with some sleek tailoring or technical sportswear .

With any monochrome outfit, it’s a good idea to incorporate a mix of textures: leather, denim, wool, cotton. Rapper or rocker, you’re not going to win fans by steering too one-note.

  • Shearling, Fur & Faux Fur Collars

Most Affordable Menswear Trends-
Photo credit From The Runway: Men’s Fashion Trends For Fall/Winter 2015

If you’ve been paying attention, then you’ll know that shearling was a key runway trend for this season. Like sheep to shepherds, high street brands have flocked and followed suit. And adding a touch of the interrelated 1970s vibe, fur is also cropping up in the shops.

If you’re buying into shearling, then a pilot-style bomber or denim jacket is a far safer bet than sticking more than your neck out with a knee-length pimp coat. And outside of the hood of a parka, fur is not exactly plain sailing, but a classically masculine style like a pea coat or military greatcoat will give you a fighting chance of pulling it off.

  • Slim Joggers

Most Affordable Menswear Trends-
Photo credit Joggers New Fashion: Casual Harem Sweatpants Sport Pants Trousers Sarouel Men Tracksuit Bottoms for Track Training Jogging

The audibly humming buzzword in menswear right now is ‘athleisure’. What that means for you: sweatpants that aren’t for sweating in.

To maintain an impeccable trackie record, your upmarket bottoms should be slim and tapered, and come with cuffs to keep everything tidy.While sweatpants are pleasantly relaxed, be attentive as to what you team them with. Their soft and unstructured nature means you’ll need to balance them out on your top half with something more rigid, like denim or leather, and/or structured, like an overcoat.

  • Trainers With Trousers

Most Affordable Menswear Trends-
Photo credit and Trousers

The sports luxe trend is leaving its footprint on the high street – literally, in the shape of trainers with trousers. And there’s no easier way to appear in step with the prevailing menswear mood.

  • Three-Piece Suits

Most Affordable Menswear Trends-

Three-piece suits aren’t exactly a revolutionary new trend, but they are everywhere.

Waistcoats may seem pointless, like the appendix of tailoring, but the truth is far from it. They make you look smarter than your two-piece-wearing peers with your jacket on, and they make you look smarter than your baggy shirted colleagues when you take your jacket off. They also add another insulating layer, and give you more options when it comes to separates.

  • Velvet Jackets

Most Affordable Menswear Trends-
Photo credit PARTY JACKET

Velvet jackets are smoking hot on the high street. Wear your velvet jacket as an alternative dinner jacket, perhaps over a fine-gauge roll neck for maximum cool points. And if you buy a VJ without the contrast lapels that you typically find on a DJ then you can conceivably wear it casually as a daytime blazer .

It may help you to think of velvet as basically just ‘posh corduroy’. Seriously, they’re pretty much exactly the same. The only real difference is that one is ribbed and one isn’t – and one shall go to the ball while the other should not, ever.

  • Slouchy Coats

Most Affordable Menswear Trends-
Photo credit New Outerwear Trend Are Slouchy Coats and Furs

Outerwear was oversized on the AW15 runways and lo and behold, it is thus on the high street too. It goes without saying that a sharply tailored overcoat will never go out of style. But if you’d rather look up-to-the-minute on-point, then the most current coats are more softly shouldered, giving them a less formal and far comfier, throw-over-everything vibe – which coincidentally is how you should wear them, elevating your casual looks in the process.

SOURCE: This Season’s Most Affordable Menswear Trends


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