Gifts for the Men-

Best Gifts for the Men in Your Life

From your pops, to your bro, to your bae, the group of guys you hang out with may be an eclectic bunch. So we’ve curated a selection of gifts for everyone on your list from the beer drinker to the art buff to the outdoors-y dude.

This year, you’ll succeed in surprising the man who has everything.

  • Whiskey Carafe

Gifts for the Men-
Photo credit Whiskey Gifts

These carafes are great for the guy who likes a stiff drink at the end of a long day. Looking for a gift for a teetotaler? The smaller versions are perfect for olive oil and vinegar.

  • Rustic Memories

Gifts for the Men-

It’s a rare occasion that we’d call a photo frame “rugged,” but these pieces (made from reclaimed Santa Cruz driftwood) fit the bill. Bonus: The price includes the cost of your photo, which the company will print and place in the frame.

  • Clever Claws

Gifts for the Men-
Photo credit Claw Wall Mount Football Holder

These nifty organizers ensure that you’ll never trip over a football in your garage again. Plus, they’re great for displaying precious memorabilia in his man cave.

  • Smartphone Charger + Case

Gifts for the Men-
Photo credit 5 Rechargeable Case

This rechargeable case gives his phone 100% additional battery life and 64GB built-in storage space. With the extra energy, you’ll never lose touch with your screen-addicted guy when he’s on the road.

  • Handy Razors

Gifts for the Men-
Photo credit Best Gifts for Men under $100 …

The dapper gent in your life will appreciate the personalized engraving on this sleek razor.

  • Record Bookends

Gifts for the Men-
Photo credit Vinyl Record Bookends LP’s

He may not own turntables anymore, but these bookends (handmade from real records) will offer a nostalgic touch to any music buff’s office.

  • Compact Camera

Gifts for the Men-
Photo credit C3 Tiny Cube Action Camera Debuts At CES

Polaroid ventures into the action camera  world with this tiny  but powerful waterproof gadget that takes HD photo and video in any environment. It’s for the guy who’s been known to say, “Hold my beer and watch this!”

  • Smart Watch

Gifts for the Men-
Photo credit functional, fashionable smartwatch concept puts Samsung to shame

These watches are stylish, adjust to the perfect fit and can process tons of data — ideal for keeping up on social media.

  • Bluetooth Speaker

Gifts for the Men-
Photo credit Bluetooth speakers that sound great and look stylish

A Bluetooth speaker is nothing new, but this one is waterproof and can clip to your backpack or clothes. Plus, it comes in eight fun colors.

  • Carry-All Trays

Gifts for the Men-
Photo credit Brown Mini Stacker Watch and Cufflinks Box Set of 2 Trays as Shown Jewellery / watch Box

When the day is over and it’s (finally) time to hit the hay, there’s nothing worse than having no place to lay all of your loose odds and ends. Enter these mini trays, which were designed to store car keys, a watch and anything in between.

  • Wrench Ring

Gifts for the Men-
Photo credit 1 titanium ring with wrenches

Wrenches are clearly not just meant for the toolbox this handmade ring, crafted from sterling silver, proves the tool looks pretty neat as a piece of jewelry, too.

  • Pocket Knife

Gifts for the Men-
Photo credit Multi Purpose Kit 10 Tool Pocket Swiss Knife

It’s a classic item every man should own — this model is an ideal fit for any outdoor enthusiast, complete with a fish scaler.

  • Bottle Opener

Gifts for the Men-
Photo credit Bottle Opener

Cracking open a can of cold beer just got so much more enjoyable, thanks to this cool tool which looks like a shark’s jaw.

  • Tie Bars

Gifts for the Men-
Photo credit 8pc Gold Silver Black Metal Mens Fashion Tie Bar Clips Set – Dapper Dandy

Silver, black and copper are neutral tones that match even the boldest of ties — and crank up the ones that lack color and style.

  • Patterned Socks

Gifts for the Men-
Photo credit bicycle patterned socks $25

Honestly, it’s only fitting to wear a pair of cozy socks on a cold winter’s day — so they might as well be dressed in a fashionable pattern.

  • Beard Pack

Gifts for the Men-
Photo credit Awesome but Affordable Gifts For Men

There might not be a better way to show just how much you appreciate and understand the love he has for his prized facial hair (or how much you wish he’d keep it well-groomed).

  • Suede Shoe Kit

Gifts for the Men-

It’s easy to get a fresh pair of work shoes scuffed and scarred, so a conveniently-sized kit (and handsome carrying case) will assist in counteracting any damage.

  • Tiny Beanbag Toss

Gifts for the Men-

No, this is not your average backyard game. Instead, this version is mean to on top of a desk some afternoon break time.

  • Messenger Bag

Gifts for the Men-
Photo credit Erik Blue Messenger Bag

Offering a comfortable strap, and storage room for up to a 15.6″ laptop, this messenger bag is also available in five different colors.

  • Cocktail Mixer

Gifts for the Men-

Made with turbinado sugar and cinnamon, the only thing one must do to make this concoction better? Add whiskey.

There are a lot more on the list of the best gift ideas for men. It’s all about choosing the perfect gift that your man loves.

Source: 20 Genius Gifts for the Men in Your Life


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