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8 Ways to Wear ’90s Beauty Trends in 2015 and Still Look Cool

There are some beauty looks we’d like to leave in the ’90s — namely skinny eyebrows, crimped hair, and butterfly clips. But this season, the decade is making a comeback in regards to hair, makeup, and nails. If you loved your look in high school but know it needs to evolve to work today, we understand you. That’s why we took eight of our favorite ’90s fads and gave them makeovers.

Keep reading to get inspired to take your Throwback Thursday style to the next level.

Here’s The Deal:

1. Half-Up Hairstyles

In the ’90s, when women wore half of their hair back into a high ponytail, it was dubbed “the fountain head.” But today, beauty babes like Ariana Grande have ditched the scrunchie and teased hair for sleeker strands that make the updo look chic, not cheesy. Plus, pulling your mane back and away is like an instant (needle free!) face lift.

fashion looks- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from: stylesweekly.com/Ariana Grande Cute Half Up Half Down Hairstyle for Thick Hair

2. Babylights > Highlights

When Friends was in its prime, ever y woman wanted hair exactly like Jennifer Aniston. She was known for having the bold blonde highlights that popped against her light brunette locks. Nowadays dye trends have evolved and color is better blended to look more sun-kissed, less streaky. Our technique pick is babylights — delicate bright pieces strategically placed around the hairline and part.

fashion looks- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from: special-hairstyles.com/Innovative Hair Highlights 2015

3. Shaggy Haircuts

Speaking of Jennifer Aniston, women also lusted after her “The Rachel” haircut. The voluminous chop featured layers fanning from the chin to the shoulder. Today’s take on the crop features grow-out bangs and piece-y layers all around the head. Make it truly 2015 by wearing the texture tousled and slightly wavy — like you just woke up from a nap!

fashion looks- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from: pinterest.com/Rachel Haircut

4. Barrettes

We distinctly remember grabbing two colorful plastic barrettes and clipping our center-parted hair back at the top corners of our heads. It was an interesting fad worn by punky princesses. For Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week runway, Rodarte featured dreamy barrettes that seemed to be inspired by this ’90s look. What made this style more modern is that the clips have a boho, flower-crown vibe, the part is over to the side (rather than dead center), and hair has a wavy, bedhead texture.

fashion looks- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from: pinterest.com/Explore these ideas and more!

5. Lip Liner

The return of lip liner has happened — and you can thank Kylie Jenner! While the reality star finally admitted to getting lip injections to plump up her pout, she spent years denying it and claiming it was all lip-liner magic. Thus, her cult following of makeup junkies have made overdrawn lips a viral look to try and share on Instagram. Avoid the classic ’90s brown liner and nude lip look (too obvious) by opting for shades of mauve. Use a skinny lip brush to smudge the liner so it looks softer.

fashion look- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from: mirror.co.uk/Kylie Jenner hits back over lip rumours telling critics: “Let’s get a our lives together guys”

6. Blue Eye Makeup

While powder-blue eye shadow placed all over the lid feels outdated, electric blue liner is futuristic. January Jones pulled it off with finesse wearing a medley of Chanel products here. Her of-the-moment cat eye paired with a messy braid incorporates two of 2015’s hottest looks; however, the flesh-colored lipstick and metallic makeup are blasts from the past.

Ways to Wear '90s Beauty Trends in 2015- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:byrdie.com/:January Jones’ New Take on The Cat Eye

7. Vamp Lipstick

Grunge beauty is having (another) moment and women are trading their Saturday-night-out reds for vamp shades of purple, brown, and even blue. Case point: Joan Smalls teamed up with Estée Lauder to create this moody lip look. It also reminds us of the midnight shades Rayanne rocked on My So Called Life. But unlike the drying matte formulas of the past, these lipsticks have an updated creamier texture to give them a velvet finish.

fashion looks- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from: harpersbazaar.com/FALL’S NEW LIP LOOK: DEEP RED POUTS

8. Candy-Colored Nails

Any ’90s teen remembers when she got her first Hard Candy blue nail polish and wore it with the matching ring. Today, the blues are less baby and more badass. Even the Hard Candy founder Dineh Mohajer has matured her brand by launching Smith & Cult, the new cool-girl way to wear rainbow hues on your fingertips.

fashion looks- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from: aliexpress.com/New Fashion 20 Styles 7 ml Fluorescent Neon Luminous Nail Polish 24 Candy Color UV Gel Night Glow In Dark Women Nail Gel Polish


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